Cabeça de Toiro

A Legacy of Flavor and Quality

In 1996 , a notable milestone in the history of Portuguese winemaking occurred with the launch of the first Cabeça de Toiro Reserva VQPRD Santarém wine. This moment represented the beginning of a journey that would delight palates and celebrate the region's rich winemaking tradition. Cabeça de Toiro Reserva wine, a pioneer in its category, was born from a meticulous and carefully planned process. From 1991, when the first grapes were harvested, until the launch of the wine in 1996, each stage of the production process was carried out with dedication and expertise.The process of creating this remarkable wine involved two distinct stages. The first took place in national oak barrels, where the wine had the opportunity to gain depth and complexity of flavors. The second stage, which took place in the cellar in 1993, contributed to the maturation and harmonization of the unique aromas and flavors.
The variety chosen to bring this memorable wine to life was Castelão, commonly known as João de Santarém, grown in the Almoster vineyards, covering about 4 hectares of land. The combination of the region's soil and climate provided grapes of exceptional quality, which would later translate into a wine of unparalleled character.The visual result of Cabeça de Toiro Reserva is a beautiful dark maroon, which foreshadows the depth and richness of its essence. When enjoyed, it reveals an irresistible aroma of red fruits, triggering anticipation for what is to come.
The flavor of this wine is truly distinctive. Intense and full of nuances, it presents a remarkable character that is softened with a round and captivating finish. This harmonious combination of flavors is the signature that defines Cabeça de Toiro Reserva.Born with the VQPRD Santarém seal, this wine is the expression of a legacy of quality and tradition that spans generations. With each bottle of Cabeça de Toiro Reserva, an ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and a love for the art of creating extraordinary wines is celebrated.Since its release, this wine has been a symbol of pride for the region and a tribute to the mastery of the winemakers who created it. Cabeça de Toiro Reserva, more than a wine, is an experience that takes us to explore the senses and immerse ourselves in the richness of the Portuguese terroir.
*VQPRD: Vinho de Qualidade Produzido em Região Determinada
The year 2007 was a moment of remarkable transformation in the history of Cabeça de Toiro.

This change was not just aesthetic, but a complete redefinition of its look and identity. The new image, created by Bruno Rolo, remains today, a disruptive expression that the brand courageously embraced, perfectly aligning itself with the identity of a truly Portuguese wine, full of personality, culture, and tradition.The image transcended conventional limits, challenging the status quo, exploring new frontiers of visual expression. It was a revolution in itself, representing an artistic approach that reflected the authenticity and depth of Cabeça de Toiro wine.
The claim "A wine with body and soul" encapsulates the essence of Cabeça de Toiro. It is an invitation to explore every drop of this nectar that has a rich and deep personality. Inviting to delve into the rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and traditions that are part of wine, evoking an emotional connection with those who taste it.The new image not only captivated the eye but also redefined the identity of Cabeça de Toiro, becoming a visual manifestation of the brand's commitment to excellence, innovation, and authenticity. Over the years, this image continues to be a beacon that guides the path of wine, keeping the flame of tradition burning while embracing modernity.Today, the Cabeça de Toiro brand remains an icon of Portuguese wine, a union between the traditional and the contemporary, a celebration of body and soul, and a testament to the passion rooted in its essence.
The Birth of the Claim "CABEÇA DE TOIRO. IT'S AN ATTITUDE"

In 2014, a revolution was about to happen in the world of winemaking, and that revolution had a name: Attitude Girl. Created by Sónia Vinagre, this campaign brought a breath of fresh air to the Cabeça de Toiro brand and challenged industry paradigms.
The innovative new approach celebrated authenticity, self-expression, and culture. Attitude Girl wasn't just a campaign; it was a bold statement: it was a celebration of attitude and individuality.

However, the cycle of innovation never stops, and that is when the new claim emerges: "CABEÇA DE TOIRO. IT'S AN ATTITUDE." This claim not only captured the essence of the brand but also created a bridge between tradition and modernity, between the past and the present.
"IT'S AN ATTITUDE" was not just a phrase; it was an invitation to delve into the heart of a genuinely Portuguese wine. It was a call to explore the flavors and aromas that reflected the country's culture and traditions. It was an affirmation that wine is not just a drink but an experience that captivates all the senses.
With "CABEÇA DE TOIRO. IT'S AN ATTITUDE," the brand has not only evolved but also reaffirmed its commitment to offering wines that transcend the ordinary. And this change, like all great changes, was not just a superficial transformation but rather a deep immersion into the soul of wine and everything it represents.
2021 | A New Era of Excellence

November 25, 2021, marks a historic moment for Cabeça de Toiro, a wine that has been synonymous with attitude and innovation for 25 years. With an iconic campaign that challenged convention and celebrated audacity.
After years of an irreverent campaign that celebrated "25 years of Attitude," the time has come to take a new step. Cabeça de Toiro reinvents itself, emerging as a true Tagus wine, an ode to the oenological excellence that the region offers. This evolution is highlighted by a signature that is more than a phrase; it is a challenge: "Sai da Herada." A statement that encourages emphasis and refusal to be average.

To mark this new chapter, two extraordinary wines were launched: Cabeça de Toiro Grande Reserva White and the special commemorative edition Cabeça de Toiro Grande Reserva 25 years old. These wines are the result of an unwavering commitment to quality, combining tradition and innovation.
On November 25, 2021, the anniversary celebration was a multifaceted event. Press, customers, and suppliers gathered to celebrate this significant moment. It was also the day that the new campaign, "Sai da Herada," was launched across the country. From the streets to social media, Cabeça de Toiro now shines on billboards, digital billboards, LEDs, magazines, newspapers, and even ATMs, spreading the message of imbalance in "normality."
This new campaign is not just an aesthetic change but an affirmation of an approach to wine that defies limits and seeks excellence in every glass. With "Sai da Manada," Cabeça de Toiro invites everyone to join this journey of authenticity and quality.
A new concept, a new signature, and a new campaign - Cabeça de Toiro continue to mark its presence in the wine history of Portugal, always with an emphasis on breaking out of the average.
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