03 Jul 2024

XIV Tejo Wine Competition 2024

The Tejo Wine Gala is always a highlight of the year in this region. It's a moment of festivities, camaraderie, sharing, and celebration. Year after year, we see the region evolving with increasingly distinguished wines, restaurants becoming ambassadors of Tejo, and producers proud to bottle this diverse and distinctive terroir!

This year, held at the incredible Ode Winery, Farm and Living, the gala was truly memorable!

We sincerely thank everyone for once again choosing and honoring our wines among many:

🥇 Quinta de São João Batista Grande Reserva Branco 2020 Doc Tejo
🥇 Casaleiro Reserva Doc Tejo 2018
🥈 Cabeça de Toiro Grande Reserva Branco Doc Tejo 2021
🥈 Cabeça de Toiro Reserva Branco Doc Tejo 2023

Congratulations to all the winners!

Our team deserves a special thank you; these awards are a testament to our collective effort!